Natural treatment of ganglion cyst  with the horse

Ganglion  with the horse treat of course with sole sludge


The  Ganglion can be treated by the Peloidtherapie with sole sludge from the Siwaschsee with horses often successfully. The treatment is painless and 100% natural.


The fact that the Peloid use supports the Ganglion treatment with people positively, is known long since. "And if it helps in people, why should it not function with horses?", asked herself a horse owner and ordered as a medicine product for people registered Peloid paste to treat a big Ganglion in the ankle joint of her horse. Already after a few days the Ganglion became smaller and changed furthermore after every use. The joint was roused first, probably as the health resort reaction to the treatment. However, the horse feels fine, as soon as the Peloid was applied.     


According to experience also different other joint problems can be relieved beside Ganglion with horses by means of Peloidanwendungen well. Thus, e.g., the muds from the salt lakes of the Crimea are already used since eternity for the treatment of the people and animals. The most important indications of the remedial mud therapy (Peloidtherapie) with animals are the illnesses of the supporting apparatus and movement apparatus, like inflammations of the joints, Periarthritis of the joints, arthrosis, Bursitis (mucus bag inflammation), Tendinitis (tendon inflammation), Tendovaginitis (tendon dissolution inflammation), traumatic inflammation of the shoulder musculature in the subakuten stage, rheumatic tables inflammations of the muscles and joints, closed fractures, Verstauchungen (tape pulling with fiber tears), Synovitis (inflammation of the internal layer of the joint capsule), Kontraktur (functional restriction and movement restriction of joints), tendon tear of the Beugesehnen, Mauke, Phlegmonen (in the subakuten stage), para-and periartikuläre Fibrositis (inflammation bandage fabric beside joint (para) and around joint around (peri)), rheumatic tables inflammations hoofs, tears in hoof, Periostitis (periostitis or. Leg dermatitis), bruises, Polyneuritis, Paresen (incomplete paralyses), nervous paralysis.


The treatment of Ganglion with the horse with such salty Peloiden occurs in the form of packets. Good sludges come from the nature as a very fine paste in the ready for use form and can be applied immediately. The Peloid paste is applied on the Ganglion and the area around the Ganglion, is covered with foil and wrapped warmly. Before the treatment the sludge on a temperature of approx. 40 °C can be warmed up (not in the microwave). After an effect time of at least 1 hour the mud is washed. As the experiences pointed, it is better to wash the sludge after the treatment with the salted water. The recommended salt concentration amounts to at least 2%.               


The feedback of a horse owner to the treatment of the Überbeins with the sludge from the Siwaschsee


In search of a drug or information on the Internet, as I can treat the Ganglionn of my horse, I have bumped by chance into the Sivash remedial earth. Up to now all veterinarians or remedial practical people have said, there one can make nothing. I did not want to be content with it and have ordered the Sivash remedial earth and have tried out in my horse.


Now from a tennis-ball tallness Ganglion only half is there after from only two to three weeks of everyday use of the remedial earth. Although the joint (where the Ganglion, unfortunately, sits) in the meantime has been roused, I have resolved to apply the remedial earth, nevertheless, daily further. Successfully. The inflammation is away, my horse lame-freely, the Ganglion changes further and becomes smaller. I hope that this goes on so and is to be had found really happily such a great natural product, this helps!!