Psoriasis Natural Treatment of Psoriasis

Sivash healing clay helped a Psoriatiker alleviate his psoriasis and he has made known.

Application of SIVASH® healing clay to alleviate psoriasis

Healing Earth to warm in a water bath to 37-39 ° С and 1 to 2 mm thick layer on the affected skin area. After about 30 min., If the healing clay is dry, wash off with warm water. Further, it is recommended to apply the brine (highly concentrated salt water) to the treatment sites and wait until it is dry. Thereafter, the resulting salt crystals go shake and limp from the skin. In the morning you should apply a moisturizing cream to the treatment centers.


Time: 15-20 applications. Every other day or two days in a row, third day - break.


The acute course of the disease will be cut before the healing clay application. But be sunbathing or solarium (2-3 times per 3-5 min.) Is recommended.


Examples of psoriasis treatment with SIVASH® healing clay

4-month application of healing clay, about 1 time per week. Male, 35 yEARS

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