Natural Skin Tightening

Abdominoplasty and tighten the skin on the thighs with the unique natural brine Peloid

Thanks to the valuable minerals, seaweed and beta carotene exerts brine peloid from the Siwaschsee (Sivash healing clay) from an incredibly good effect on the skin. Not only the strong common skin diseases such as Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne are applied peloid wraps and masks successful. Also in skin tightening on the abdomen and thighs, the application of peloid has proved very successful. The saline mud is delivered in its natural state ready for use and can be applied at home very easily for the tummy tuck and anti-cellulite treatment.

If the skin of the abdomen is curled, can already help some peloid wraps. The amount at the ready Peloid required is heated in a water bath, applied to the abdomen and waist and wrapped in foil. The warm clothing or blanket enhance the effect. After a contact time of 40 minutes the mud is showered. But it is also, ablate the peloid after application with a spatula and wipe the residue with a wet rag. It is recommended as a therapy carried out at least 10 treatments every or every other day. By wrapping the film to remain mobile and simple chores can also be during peloid action done.