Muscle tension with treat Sivash healing clay

peloid with muscle pain
Releasing the muscular tension with Sivash healing clay

Releasing the muscular tension

with Sivash healing clay


Many people suffer daily at the muscle tension. Although the tensions are not among the dangerous diseases and you do not die of it, it would adversely affect the quality of life of people affected significantly. Nowadays, the muscle tension in the back, neck or shoulders are among the most common health problems in the developed industrial countries. In a EU study, suffered in 2006 one-third of surveyed workers under stress-induced muscle pain. But even people who, for example, spend a lot of time at the desk or sit all day at the box office, are very often affected and complain of stiff neck. Especially often it occurs in pregnant women or people from overweight to the muscle tension in the back.


The Applications of Sivash healing clay paste are known to soothe tired muscles in a natural way. The relaxing calming effect of the peloid has been confirmed many times by affected users and medical professionals. It was observed that the muscle tone is reduced rather quickly, the pain is getting, people relax and sleep better. Some even limp a already during treatment with healing earth paste.


The healing earth paste is heated and 1 to 2 mm thick applied to the affected area. The treatment site is covered with a film and additionally warm. After about 30-40 minutes the healing clay is washed off. Will (can) not take a shower, the peloid is removed with a spatula and eliminate the residues with a wet rag.