Healing Clay effect

Effect of SIVASH® healing clay in external plots.

The healing earth comes from the salt lake in the natural form ready for use as a healing earth paste and is applied as a healing earth pack similar to the mud pack, mud pack, mud pack or peloid.

SIVASH® healing clay is a good thermal memory and can be applied hot or cold. The body has to compensate for the temperature difference, resulting in the beginning of the healing process. In warm applications of healing earth, the heat is released slowly and gently to the skin and thus warming not only the top but also the deeper layers of the body.

When dry healing clay creates a suction on the skin pores. The pores open, which pollutants, tallow and contaminants are eliminated. The skin can be better supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Thanks to the very fine structure of SIVASH® healing clay it comes in applying the healing clay to the skin to mechanical irritation of the skin surface. This leads to therapeutic vasodilation and activation of sweating. The dander and horn formations are removed in a gentle manner. Characterized the itch is reduced. The Heilerdeteilchen remove the grease particles and bacteria, they clean the skin and unblock pores. To better separate functions of the skin is possible.

The mud has a mineral character with a major proportion of chloride, sodium and magnesium ions. By ion exchange of silt enriched the skin with additional minerals. Here, the high magnesium content playing (4 g / l) at the low calcium content (0.4 g / l) an important role. With the penetration of the minerals of the psoriatic skin are supplied to the missing magnesium salts and there is a relief of disease symptoms, such as itching. The magnesium ions are able to displace the calcium ions from their binding sites. This effect is known from the treatment of skin diseases in the Dead Sea. In the water of the Dead Sea is the magnesium content also high (1.3 g / l) at the low calcium content (0.5 g / l).