Sivash healing clay treatments for gout.

The Sivash healing clay is a very good natural remedy for many ailments and has many uses.

Sivash healing clay against gout
gout in the big toe


Sivash healing clay is an effective natural remedy for the supportive treatment of gout


The healing earth comes from the salt lake in the 100% natural form ready for use as a healing earth paste and is associated with gout as healing clay pack applied (similar to the mud pack, mud pack, mud pack or peloid).


In addition to other applications, the SIVASH® healing clay has proven highly effective for treatment of gout.




How is it used for gout SIVASH®- healing earth?


Die The healing clay paste is applied in gout as healing clay pack, similar to the mud pack, mud pack, mud pack or peloid.

Sivash healing clay warm in a water bath to a temperature of 36-42 ° С, 1 to 2 mm thick layer to the affected joint (see application) and then additionally hot wrap.

Leave on for 30-40 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Of course, the healing clay can also be applied cold and carried out the heating by an external source such as hot water bottle or heating pad.

Treatment should be carried out in the evening before going to sleep, daily or every other day.

Duration of treatment: 8-12 days. After 3-4 months, the treatment can be repeated.


Tips: After treatment with the healing earth could happen that the skin contracts slightly. In this case it is recommended to wash the skin after application of healing earth with the SIVASH® healing clay mineral cleanser. Also for the daily cleaning of the skin associated with gout, we recommend to use this mild Mineral Cleansing Gel with high healing clay content.


We recommend that you remove the required amount of healing clay with a sufficiently large strip of cling film from the can and then to mold the film into a bag. The sachet is dipped in tempered to about 60 ° C water until the healing earth has reached the required temperature. The healing clay is applied directly from the film to the skin and the body covered with this film.

Before the first treatment, we recommend the healing clay 2-3 times applying to the soles of the feet for 10 minutes each. This helps the body to get used to the healing earth.


How does SIVASH®- Healing-Clay gout?

SIVASH® healing clay is a good thermal memory and can be applied hot or cold. The body has to compensate for the temperature difference, resulting in the beginning of the healing process. In warm applications of healing earth, the heat is released slowly and gently to the skin and thus warming not only the top but also the deeper layers of the body.


Thanks to the very fine structure of SIVASH® healing clay it comes in applying the healing clay to the skin to mechanical irritation of the skin surface. This leads to therapeutic circulation increase.