Ganglion treat the foot (instep) without surgery

Treatment of Ganglion (ganglion at the base) with Sivash healing clay.

The ganglion is a kind of soft part tumor under the skin that usually occurs on hands and feet. Compares a cyst fills a chamber under the skin with a gelatinous liquid. The manifestations go from pea size to the size of a golf ball.

The cause is not clear until today, but one suspects irritation of tendons or joints for forming the ganglion. On the one hand is a ganglion not aesthetic, it can be disruptive act (shoes), but also be painful.


Formerly the ganglion by force was caused to burst, which often surrounding tissue was destroyed, which represented no improvement. Nowadays often use punctuation, with the ganglion again filled in 50% of cases with liquid. Surgical removal by surgery is a very difficult operation, on the one hand ugly scars may remain and adjacent tissue, blood vessels and nerves of the skin can be affected.


It may lead to temporary to permanent deafness and Disabilities. Also wound healing disorder with the following painful scar overgrowth may occur.


A recognized by treatments as effective treatment is the application of mud packs with Sivash healing clay:


Dextend the treatments of ganglion with healing clay as follows:


The healing clay paste is in the water, warmed by the glass or on a radiator to a temperature of 42 ° C and applied approximately 2 mm thick on the ganglion and the area around the bone spur. If it just very painful and cold applications are pleasant, the bone spur can be treated cold. The treated area is wrapped with foil and then with a warm cloth or blanket. One can also put a warm socks over the film. After an exposure time of about 40 minutes, the healing earth paste is washed off. The healing clay packs are carried out every day or every other day.


Below is shown treatment with healing earth packs an example the successful leg to the foot. The ganglion ridge of the foot was as hard as bone and was very painful. The doctors advised a surgical removal of the leg. This was necessary not only for the optics much more because of the severe pain. Then the lady has begun to make the healing clay packs. Pretty soon the pain was alleviated and after a month the ganglion was not as hard bone but softer as cartilage. The size of the ganglion also declined.


After the first month, the lady led the treatments with healing earth packs more by almost a month. Within the next 8 months, there were no more complaints. The ganglion is indeed still be seen, there is pain but no longer.

The first picture was taken before the treatment in June 2011, the second - 10 results months later in April 2012.


As an additional measure the footbaths could be made with the sea salt. But you take a tablespoon of salt per liter of water at water temperature of about 36 ° C. Bath time 30-40 minutes. So you could make the sea salt foot baths every other day alternating with mud wraps.


What is a ganglion?

The doctors say ganglion and thus my benign, bubble-like warpage in the range of a joint capsule or tendon sheath superficial. The ganglion has nothing to do with a superfluous bone formation. Sometimes the ganglion is hard as a bone. Probably why the term has Ueberbein common, although this is better suited to the exostosis (superfluous formation of compact bone).