Treat ganglion wrist without surgery

Treat ganglion wrist with healing earth packs.


Also in the treatment of ganglion at hand the wraps off the Sivash healing clay paste can be very useful and pain relief

ganglion on wrist
ganglion on wrist

The ganglion is popularly referred to as a leg and is a swelling near a joint capsule or tendon sheath. It not only looks bad, ganglion sometimes also causes severe pain. The exact causes of ganglion-emergence are unknown.

  The quickest way to eliminate a ganglion, is the surgical procedure. Unfortunately, it is often for that even after surgery again enters the ganglion. Among other things, why should - as long as possible - are apart from the OP and the other forms of treatment are tried.

Among the alternative and often very successful, while still natural treatment methods include the Peloidtherapy with Sivash healing clay paste. Sivash healing clay is a unique sulphides saline mud with beta-carotene content. The mud comes from the Salt Lake Sivash in the north of the Crimean peninsula, known for its salty and highly effective healing muds for a long time.

Eextend the treatments of Ueberbein or ganglion with Sivash healing clay as follows:

The healing clay paste is in the water, warmed by the glass or on a radiator to a temperature of 42 ° C and applied approximately 2 mm thick on the ganglion and the area around the bone spur. If it just very painful and cold applications are pleasant, the bone spur can be treated cold. The treated area is wrapped with foil and then with a warm blanket. After an exposure time of about 40 minutes, the healing earth paste is washed off. The treatments with healing earth packs are carried out every day or every other day. You should make at least 15 treatments.