Massage treatment for cellulite when using SIVASH® healing clay

Packung mit Heilerde bei Cellulite
Packung mit Heilerde bei Cellulite




Cellulite, cellulites, orange peel skin, saddlebags - four names for an unpleasant, biologically induced change of the female connective tissue, are affected by the 80 to 90% of all women. Now a new method of anti-cellulite treatment is designed to fight cellulite, combining the honey massage with the Sivash healing clay application.




Honey massage against cellulite + Sivash healing clay pack

The masseurs in Kiev developed a new method of performing a massage against cellulite (orange peel skin) in the application of muds from the Siwaschsee. The core of the method is that the healing mud is applied parallel to the honey massage. First, a massage is performed with the honey application. The honey is rubbed within 10-15 minutes in the body. Then the healing clay is applied for the same time. This method is characterized effectively that the honey dissolves according to its nature, the structure of the subcutaneous fat. The Sea Silt of Siwaschsees helps the body to renew the cells to degrade fatty deposits to carry out the degradation products.

The treatment course cellulite is performed three times a week within a month.


After the treatment, a darkening of some skin sites is possible. But it is not so bad - they will disappear after 1-2 hours.

The results of this healing clay application can be seen already after 2-3 weeks. Compared to the previously known effective anti cellulite methods (for example, only honey massage), where the results after one and a half to two months can be seen, here come the results 3-4 weeks earlier.