Natural but effective supportive care with SIVASH® healing clay in acne, blackheads, pimples and blemished skin


Application of healing clay in the form of face masks or packs     

Acne treatment with Sivash healing clay
Application of Sivash healing clay in Acne



Sivash healing clay warm up in the microwave or water bath until the temperature 36-38 ° С and 1 to 2 mm thick layer on the affected skin area. With a film and then with a warm blanket cover (face you can not cover). 30-40 minutes (on the face 5-15 min.) Soak and rinse with warm water.

The best way to the treatments in the evening before going to sleep. Treatment duration 10-12 applications. Can be repeated in 2-3 times.        







How does natural remedy Sivash healing clay for blemished skin and acne?

The Sivash healing clay is a 100% natural product. The best thing about the application of healing clay is generally against acne and impure skin that the healing earth despite the good effect on the skin affected by acne - during normal use - usually has no side effects.

Thanks to the very fine structure of the natural agent occurs during the application of healing clay to the skin to mechanical irritation of the skin surface. This leads to therapeutic vasodilation and activation of sweating. The dander and horn formations are removed in a gentle manner. Characterized the itch is reduced. The particels of healing-clay remove the grease particles and bacteria, they clean the skin and unblock pores. To better separate functions of the skin is possible.

The healing earth dries from the inside to the outside, so that a suction action on the skin pores is formed. The pores open, which pollutants, tallow and contaminants are eliminated. The skin can be better supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Sivash healing clay is a good thermal memory and can be applied hot or cold. The body has to compensate for the temperature difference, resulting in the beginning of the healing process.


What other characteristics of the Sivash healing clay could in acne have a positive effect?


Sivash healing clay is in a highly concentrated brine. In order for the healing earth itself is very salty. The sodium chloride (common salt) defies known harmful organisms livelihoods water, thereby acting on the acne causing bacteria antibacterial.

Sivash healing clay is sulphide and sulphurous accordingly. Sulfur has been used for antiquity at the blemishes. He has an antibacterial effect and to solve the dander and regulate excessive sebum production. Externally come sulfur formulations for skin diseases such as acne, eczema, scabies, fungal infections a. o. used.