Accelerate healing of a fracture

Peloidtherapy with Sivash healing clay paste helps to accelerate the healing of a fracture (broken bone) in a natural way

The mud treatments (mud pack) with unique Sivash brine silt reduce swelling, relieve pain and itching, the muscles, improve joint mobility loosen. Although the old fractures pain, support the analgesic treatments with healing mud.


The treatment of various injuries with healing salt and sulfide-containing slurries have a very long tradition on the Crimean peninsula. Already in the first century AD, "the wounds healing earth" in the Crimea were mentioned. The warriors of Alexander the Great said to have healed their wounds here. In 1837 was established in Crimea sanatorium for the wounded where the peloid, besides the classical medicine, has become the main method of treatment. Later, during the Crimean War, commend the Famous surgeon and co-founder of the field surgery Nikolay Pirogov, the wounded soldiers and officers to send with poorly healing wounds in the sanatorium. Based on the teachings of the modern Pirogov very effective treatment system for rehabilitation of wounded in application of surgical treatment and peloid was developed. This combination of medical methods allows quick to perform up to 80% of the officers and soldiers back to the line of duty back. The sanatorium was named by Pirogov and remains the largest mud clinic in Crimea.


Even the mud from the Siwaschsee shows to be very effective in the adjuvant treatment of fracture and other injuries. He is successful in the clinics and sanatoriums as applied after removal of the cast. The mud treatments (mud pack) with the healing mud reduce swelling, relieve pain and itching, the muscles, improve joint mobility loosen. Even at home, the treatment is very possible by packs from the ready healing earth paste.


How to use the peloid for accelerated healing of fractures, bone fractures and injuries?

Peloidtherapy with Sivash-healing-clay for broken bones
Accelerate healing of a fracture

 SIVASH healing clay warm up in a water bath to a temperature of 38-40 ° С and 1 to 2 mm thick onto the skin in the area of the fracture and the bone fracture or joint. With a slide and then cover with a warm blanket.

Leave on for 30-40 minutes and wash off with warm water. The healing earth paste can be removed with a spatula from the skin and eliminate the residues with a wet cloth.

The best way to the procedures in the evening before going to sleep, daily or every other day. Duration of treatment 10-12 procedures