Treatments with natural remedies Sivash healing clay

The Sivash healing clay is a very good natural remedy for many ailments and has many uses.

Healing clay pack - fango - mud wrap - mud wrap - peloid

Especially these are the chronic diseases of the bones, joints and spine, and skin diseases. The treatments are carried out in the form of healing clay packs. Due to the special nature of the Sivash healing clay, the packages would also be referred to as mud, mud or peloid wraps. Since the healing earth ready from the salt lake is (healing earth paste), they can be immediately applied.

Mud treatments for back pain
Back treatment with Sivash Healing Earth

- Healing Clay effect
- Natural Skin Tightening
- treat pain associated with hallux valgus (hammer toe, Schiefzehe, Frost bales) without surgery -
- gout
- Muscle tension
- Chronic knee pain
- Rheumatism, arthritis, arthritis
- Herniated disc, sciatica, back pain
- Radiculitis, polyneuritis, spine syndrome
- Ganglion (ganglion)
- Ganglion wrist
- Psoriasis (psoriasis)
- eczema
- acne
- cellulite
- Bruises and sprains
- Accelerate fracture healing
- Healing salt baths