Unique natural pink sea salt from the Crimea

Plant salt crust on
Plant salt crust on

Some salt lakes of the Crimea survived a rare and very valuable microalgae Dunaliella Salina. For your own protection in the highly concentrated brine under the bright sun of Crimea Dunaliella Salina produces many carotenoids, especially beta-carotene. The beta-carotene is the Sole a beautiful pink color.

At the end of the summer, the brine evaporates gradually. What remains, is the pink healing salt content of natural beta-carotene, iodine and other valuable elements.

Since eternity this sea salt is much higher than the usual salt appreciated. In the Middle Ages there was even a particular profession "Tschumaki". The people from these closed profession brought the collected manually salt far from the Crimea away even to Europe.

Previously worked in the Crimea several salt marshes, which produced the most valuable salt in particular, natural process. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the salt industry came to a halt here. Our salt comes from a salt marsh, which has the only survivor in the Crimea.

Application areas:
Bath salt for salt bath (neurodermatitis, psoriasis psoriasis, cellulite, etc.), salt wraps (neck pain, skin problems, detoxification, cellulite), inhalation.

Salt Bath
A salt bath (under the balneotherapy) promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and has a purifying effect. At a water temperature, the body temperature corresponds should swim about 10 to 15 minutes. For a full bath (about 100 liters) you need about 500 grams Salt.

Salt Socks
Dissolve about 3 dag salt in one liter of warm water. Soak cotton socks and put on and let it act warm socks and about an hour at rest. Finally feet abduschen lukewarm. This treatment helps in cold feet, because the blood circulation is stimulated.


Salt Scrub
Scrub with paste made of high quality oil (eg., Olive oil), milk or honey with sea salt helps against pimples, acne and blemishes. It ensures a fresh complexion, as old skin cells are gently removed. Salt scrub can be applied not only in the face, but all over the body to increase the elasticity, the appearance of pores and the absorption capacity of the skin important ingredients to improve, because the blood circulation is stimulated. Use it to remove the cornea or fissures or for supportive treatment for cellulite.


Emergence of salt

Salt lakes at crimea
Sivash Salt lakes

The Sivash salt is obtained in the Crimea in the small salt lakes (Limane) on the seashore. The salt marsh is located in an environment with very dry and windy climate. This climate is ideally suited for the production of sea salt.

Sivash Salt Garden
salt garten at crimea

Beginning of summer, the basin of the salt gardens are filled with the concentrated brine. Links is a basin with pink Sole, on the right - a pool with the sea water.

basin to evaporate the brine
Red Sole in basin

During the summer, the color of the brine from Rosa changes to bright red, depending on the concentration of microalgae Dunaliella Salina, which produces a lot of beta-carotene. The Solle is conducted in the summer from one basin to the other, where the unwanted ingredients fall. The thus gained "Mother Sole" evaporates in the last basin and forms the salt in high eating quality.

mini-railway for salt-transportation
mini-railway for salt-transportation

When the time comes, the mini railway is manually moved in the basin with the mature salt layer and brought into the next basin after harvest.

loading the sea salt on a cart
salt layer at the crimea

The salt layer is cut by a special machine and loaded the salt in the small cart.

transportation of the Sivash Health Salt
mini train for salt

A mini train brings the salt in a dry area, where it is then filled up to a salt mine.

Drying of sea salt
Salt hill

Here it is then poured into a salt mine.

Salt is drying under the sun
Crimea Health Salt

The beautiful pink sea salt crystals to dry under the bright sun of Crimea.

Sivash Sea Salt
pink salt crystals from Sivash

The sparkling pink salt crystals are rich in valuable minerals and microelements.

The customers of the sea salt - healing salt include:

- People who place a value on natural, high quality products
- People with skin problems
- Restaurants and cafes
- Retail chains
- SPA salons
- Cosmetics & Beauty Salons
- Wellness Hotels
- Bath houses
- Medical institutions
- pharmacies
- Bakeries
- Agriculture and fishing industry
Menschen, die einen Wert auf natürliche, hochqualitative Produkte legen


Gold medal for Crimea Sea Salt
Gold medal for Crimea Sea Salt

Awards of sea salt from the Crimea.


Yet in 1912, got the sea salt from the Crimea a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris for its very high quality and unique features.



After the launch the pink sea salt from the Crimea is already a wide acceptance in the Russian market. This is supported by a number of awards of the new product. At the show, Peter Food 2010, the valuable natural salt was even awarded a gold medal.

Health Crystal Salt
Sea Salt from Crimea

Pliny the Elder, 23-79 AD.