Sivash Healing Clay - unique peloid with beta-carotene content

PZN: 3879725 (Austria)
Most common cases of therapeutic sea mud application: pain in bones, joints, back, arthritis, gout, slipped disc, hammer toes, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms; sports injuries: bruises, sprains; skin disorders: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne, pimples, skin blemishes, cellulite. 
Ready to use from nature!                                                    Must not be mixed with water.      
ready-made marine silt from the sivash lake
Sivash healing clay


The sea mud from the western part of Siwaschsees is marketed in the EU under the name SIVASH® healing clay.

SIVASH® healing clay is a ready-medical product for external use by application to the skin in the form of mud packs.

Application areas:
- Supportive treatment in chronic diseases of bones, joints and spine.

- Supportive treatment for acne (caused by impure, oily skin).

- Relief of itching in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.


What is the SIVASH® healing clay?

Sivash Sea mud
Natural Healing Clay

SIVASH® healing clay is an effective peloid (sea silt), which has formed in the highly concentrated, pink brine of the Salt Lake Sivash and represents a complicated physicochemical dynamic system. Based on the physicochemical properties SIVASH® healing clay is one of the salt-containing sulfide-poor chloride-magnesium-sodium peloids. In addition to the valuable minerals it contains certain organic substances, and has a weak hydrogen sulfide odor.

Because of the rare, unique Emergence conditions SIVASH® healing clay is a very special and effective peloid. This saline mud as a subset of the healing clays is a worldwide unique natural remedy. SIVASH® healing clay is manually removed from the Siwaschsee, unchanged, doused with pink brine of Siwaschsees, airtight packed without preservatives. So it reaches the user in their very natural form. The high concentration of salt protects the healing earth before the contamination in a natural way. The pink color owes the highly concentrated brine of Sivash Lake the microalgae Dunaliella Salina, which itself is very valuable and rich in beta-carotene.

Sivash healing earth in the dose
Sivash healing earth in the dose

SIVASH® healing clay is used for the peloid in the supportive care in the cases described above. The peloid, ie the treatment with mud (silt), as a kind of balneotherapy is one of the most effective methods of naturopathy. The main positive characteristics of peloids are the specific environmental conditions on Siwaschsee, especially the emergence of the sea silt in the highly concentrated pink Sole and the fact that the peloid in the ready form found in nature and does not have to first be prepared. So writes as the author of the book "Lehmdoktors Primer" Carsten Pohl: "... Some authors report that slightly moist degraded clay, applied directly, showing a better effect than dried and re-moistened clay".

Overview of Features: Dark gray sulphides sea silt with a slight hydrogen sulfide odor.
Density: 1.6 g / cm3,
Moisture content by weight: about 41-42%,
pH: about 7.1-7.3 (neutral to slightly alkaline reaction)
Contamination with particles> 0.25mm: about 0.5-0.7%,
Tack: ca. 1.1-1.3 kPa,
Sliding resistance: approximately 0.6-0.8 kPa,
Mineral content of the sludge solution: approximately 173 g / l (salinity of the ocean is 30 g / l,
Dead Sea Water 320 g / l),
Magnesium content of the sludge solution: about 8 g / l (Dead Sea water has about 1.3 g / l),
Calziumgehalt the mud solution: about 0.8 g / l (Dead Sea water has about 0.5 g / l).
Operation of SIVASH® healing clay.
SIVASH® healing clay is a good thermal memory and can be applied hot or cold in the form of mud wraps. The body has to compensate for the temperature difference, resulting in the beginning of the healing process. In warm applications of healing earth, the heat is released slowly and gently to the skin and thus warming not only the top but also the deeper layers of the body.

Upon drying, the healing earth creates a suction on the skin pores. The pores open, which pollutants, tallow and contaminants are eliminated. The skin can be better supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Thanks to the very fine structure of SIVASH® healing clay occurs during application of peloid on the skin to mechanical irritation of the skin surface. This leads to therapeutic vasodilation and activation of sweating. The dander and horn formations are removed in a gentle manner. Characterized the itch is reduced. The Heilerdeteilchen remove the grease particles and bacteria, they clean the skin and unblock pores. To better separate functions of the skin is possible.

By ion exchange of Sea Silt enriches the skin with additional minerals.
The healing mud has a mineral character with a major proportion of chloride, sodium and magnesium ions. Here, the high magnesium content playing (4 g / l) at the low calcium content (0.4 g / l) the most important role. With the penetration of the minerals of the psoriatic skin are supplied to the missing magnesium salts and there is a relief of disease symptoms, such as itching. The magnesium ions are able to displace the calcium ions from their binding sites. This effect is known from the treatment of skin diseases in the Dead Sea. In the water of the Dead Sea is the magnesium content also high (1.3 g / l) at the low calcium content (0.5 g / l).

Type and method of administration.

The SIVASH® healing clay is applied externally cold or hot. Thermal procedures (38-42 ° C) are recommended for chronic diseases of the bones, joints and spine. Generally, the cold / warm hand-test can be performed: If the cold hand on the affected area comfortable than the warm, the healing clay is to be applied cold.

The warming of the healing clay is done indirectly, best in water. Very high temperatures and microwave radiation have a negative effect on the biochemical substance of healing clay and reduce their therapeutic properties.

Treatments should be best done at night since the healing clay also acts on the application and the body itself should then be in a resting phase.

In the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system as well as acne, the treatment site is covered after application of healing clay with a film or a wet sarong. Then comes a dry cloth and a warm blanket.

In atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, the treatment site is not covered by the application of healing clay.

The method of administration is different and depends on the disease or the purpose of application. In short treatments SIVASH® healing clay 10-30 minutes (for example, to which it is dry) will remain, with longer 30-60 minutes and are well tolerated up to 90 minutes at the treatment site. After treatment, the healing clay is washed off with warm water.

Tip: We recommend that you remove the required amount of healing clay with a sufficiently large strip of cling film from the can and then to mold the film into a bag. The sachet is dipped in tempered to about 60 ° C water until the healing earth has reached the required temperature. The healing clay is applied directly from the film to the skin and the body covered with this film.

Before the first treatment, we recommend the healing clay 2-3 times applying to the soles of the feet for 10 minutes each. This helps the body to get used to the healing earth.


Examples of the use of SIVASH® healing clay:


Supportive treatment of chronic diseases of the bones, joints and spine (z. B. rheumatism, arthritis, gout)


Administration is by mud pack. SIVASH® healing clay warm in a water bath to a temperature of 36-42 ° С, 1 to 2 mm thick layer to the affected joint (see application) and then additionally hot wrap.

 Leave on for 30-40 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Treatment should be carried out in the evening before going to sleep, daily or every other day.

Duration of treatment: 8-12 days. After 3-4 months, the treatment can be repeated.








Supportive treatment for chronic back pain (herniated disc, sciatica, spinal syndrome, muscle tension)


Administration is by mud pack. SIVASH® healing clay warm up to a temperature of 40-42 ° С in a water bath, along the spine to the pain range 1 to 2 mm thick layer (see application) and then cover in a warm environment.

 Leave on for 30-40 minutes and wash off with warm water.

 Treatment should be carried out in the evening before going to sleep, every day or every other day.

 Duration of treatment: 10-12 applications. The treatment can be repeated 2-3 times a year.






Supportive treatment for acne, blackheads and pimples


SIVASH® healing clay warm in a water bath to a temperature of 36-38 ° С, 1 to 2 mm thick layer on the affected skin area (see application) and additional hot cover (does not apply to the face).

30-40 minutes (on the face 5-15 min.) Soak and rinse with warm water.

 Duration of treatment: 10-12 times. Can 2-3 times are repeated every year.

Relief of itching in atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema), and psoriasis:


SIVASH® healing clay warm in a water bath to a temperature of 37-39 ° С and 1 to 2 mm thick layer on the affected skin area.

After about 30 min., If the healing clay is dry, wash with warm water.

Time: 15-20 applications. Every other day or two consecutive days and on the third day pause.


Application notes:

VSIVASH® healing clay should not be used in general medical contraindications for mud and use on open wounds. Also in acute pain syndrome, active form of arthritis, a severe form of hypertension and cardiovascular disease should be dispensed with the healing clay application. When in doubt, the doctor or pharmacist should be consulted.