Healing clay mask for natural treatment for acne, pimples, bad skin

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Sivash healing clay - medical product for external use - Ready to use, in algae-rich brine emerging, worldwide unique Sea Silt - Natural help with acne treatment.


Ready to use from nature!                                              Must not be mixed with water.

Sivash skin mask against acne
Healing Sea Mud

Estheticians and users confirm the pronounced effect of the worldwide unique SIVASH® healing clay for blemished skin and acne.

SIVASH® healing clay is a ready-medical product for external use by application to the skin.

- Salinity, globally unique peloid
- Arises in the algae-rich brine
- Thousands of satisfied users
- discovered Healing properties of affected people, confirmed by doctors
- 100% natural product, therefore no side effects
- Easy to use even at home


Field of use:

 - Supportive treatment for acne (caused by impure, oily skin).

Dosage Form: paste for external use
Active ingredient: Sea Silt from the western part of Sivash Lake without preservatives


What is the SIVASH® healing clay?

Healing Clay in salt
Natural Sivash healing clay

SIVASH® healing clay is an effective peloid (sea silt), which has formed in the highly concentrated, pink brine of the Salt Lake Sivash and represents a complicated physicochemical dynamic system. Based on the physicochemical properties SIVASH® healing clay is one of the salt-containing sulfide-poor chloride-magnesium-sodium peloids. In addition to the valuable minerals it contains certain organic substances, and has a weak hydrogen sulfide odor.

Because of the rare, unique Emergence conditions SIVASH® healing clay is one of the best peloids in the world.

SIVASH® healing clay is manually removed from the lake, airtight packed without preservatives. So it reaches the user in their very natural form. The high concentration of salt protects the healing earth before the contamination in a natural way.

The pink color owes the highly concentrated brine of Siwaschsees the microalgae Dunaliella Salina, which itself is very valuable and rich in beta-carotene.

Die rosa Farbe hat die stark konzentrierte Sole des Siwaschsees der Mikroalge Dunaliella Salina zu verdanken, die selbst sehr wertvoll und reich an Beta-Carotin ist.


Whast is acne?

Acne is a skin disease in which the Ausfließgänge the sebaceous glands become clogged. What causes the sebum does not flow and an ideal breeding ground for bacteria is created. Bacteria cause inflammation of the skin in the form of pimples, blackheads, pustules, papules and nodules.


How does SIVASH® healing clay for blemished skin and acne?

The SIVASH® healing clay is a 100% natural product. The best thing about the application of healing clay is generally against acne and impure skin that the healing earth despite the good effect on the skin affected by acne - during normal use - usually has no side effects. Thanks to the very fine structure of SIVASH® healing clay it comes in applying the healing clay to the skin to mechanical irritation of the skin surface. This leads to therapeutic circulation increase. The Heilerdeteilchen remove the grease particles and bacteria, they clean the skin and unblock pores. This improves the specific function of the skin is possible. The healing earth dries from the inside to the outside, so that a suction action on the skin pores is formed. The pores open, which pollutants, tallow and contaminants are eliminated. The skin can be better supplied with nutrients.


What other characteristics of SIVASH® healing clay could in acne have a positive effect?

SIVASH® healing clay is in a highly concentrated brine. In order for the healing earth itself is very salty. The sodium chloride (common salt) defies known harmful organisms livelihoods water, thereby acting on the acne causing bacteria antibacterial.

SIVASH® healing clay is sulphide and sulphurous accordingly. Sulfur has been used for antiquity at the blemishes. He has an antibacterial effect and to solve the dander and regulate excessive sebum production. Externally come sulfur formulations for skin diseases such as acne, eczema, scabies, fungal infections a. o. used.


How to use against acne SIVASH® healing clay?

Refer SIVASH® healing clay with a clean spatula from the tin, 1-2 mm thick layer of the diseased skin and leave on for 5-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. The treatment may be performed daily or every other day.

Duration of treatment: 10-12 applications.
Advice: After the acne treatment with healing earth could happen that the skin is stretched somewhat. In this case it is recommended to wash the skin after application of the healing clay with SIVASH® healing clay mineral cleanser. Also for the daily cleaning of the skin with acne and impure skin in general, we recommend to use this mild mineral cleanser with high healing clay content. To complement the acne treatment, it is advisable to go to a cosmetics specialist, to ensure the professional removal of impurities. In parallel, one should perform a regular application with the healing earth. The everyday face and body care with the Sivash® healing clay lotion promises a high level of success for the improvement of the skin condition. (The products are suitable for all skin types).