SIVASH salt lake

salt-covered lake Sivash
Saltlake Sivash

The Siwaschsee or simply Sivash is a very large system of shallow bays, which lies west of the Sea of Azov and the Crimean peninsula is separated from the mainland. Only one connection point to the Azov Sea, the shallow depth of the Siwaschsees (up to 3 m) and strong water evaporation lead to the Siwaschsee has a very high salt content. Particularly in southern and western parts of the Siwaschsees is the concentration of salt is very high and reached some 10%. For comparison, the salinity of the oceans is about 3.5%.


The bottom of the lake is covered with up to 5 m or more thick layer of mud (silt) and salt deposits. In the summer heats up the shallow water and gives off a disagreeable odor, which justifies the popular name of the Sivash as "rotten sea." In addition, large areas are dry in summer and thus become a kind of non-adult salt desert. The salinity in the remaining water spots continues to rise and it is made a brine with a salt concentration of about 30% (natural saturation). Here, the color of the brine is pink. Which is due to the information contained in the brine microalga Dunaliella salina.


The economic importance of the Sivash is due to the high salt content and the dry climate, mainly in Saline economy of various minerals. The sols of Siwaschsees contains sodium, potassium, magnesium chloride, magnesium bromide, magnesium sulphate and other salts. The entire stock of salt Sivash is about 200 million tons.


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