Clinical studies of the Sivash healing clay

Extract from the report on pre-clinical studies of the Sivash medicinal mud

Sivash healing clay is a very good and peloid is used for Pelodtherapy

A preliminary estimation of the balneological properties of the sea silt from the northwestern part of Siwaschsees by the Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and health resort science in Odessa


Not all Peloide own for the therapeutic properties sufficient. It is therefore important to examine the qualities of a peloid precisely and to test the curative effect under clinical conditions. Before you can start with the clinical studies, a forecast review of peloid is performed on the basis of physico-chemical, microbiological and physiological properties.


The Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and health resort science in Odessa has made the preliminary investigation of the sea silt from the northwestern part of Siwaschsees and came to the following result:


According to the physicochemical properties of the dark gray mud from the northwestern part of Siwaschsees belongs to salty sulphide-lean chloride magnesium-sodium peloids, meets the requirements for a medical mud and can be recommended to more complex studies with consequent medical (balneological) opinion.

According to the results of the microbiological tests of Sea Silt has certain bactericidal effects. This result is a reason for more detailed investigations of this sludge.

Physiological studies have shown that the sulfur-containing sludge from the northwestern region of Siwaschsees has no adverse effect on health, biological activity has, resulting in improvement of functional liver condition and can be therefore recommended to carry out clinical studies.


For the organization of the clinical examine the following indicators, methods and contraindications have been proposed: Advertisements methods

1 diseases of digestive organsnzeigen,

1.1 Chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal at the stage of remission or mitigation of acute exacerbation, and the inflammatory edema of the infiltrates, Perigastritits, Periduodenitis or Adhesion after surgical procedure.

Method - applications to projection of affected organ.

1.2 colitis and enterocolitis, chronic hepatitis in inactive phase, chronic cholecystitis.

Method - Applications in the abdominal and lumbar region; additionally ribs right lying in chronic hepatitis.


2 Nervous system disorders


The slurry may be used in diseases of the nervous system with secondary inflammation or in the presence of the changes which arose as a result of inflammation.

2.1 Residual symptoms of epidemic encephalitis (postenzephalitischer Parkinsonism)

Method - Applications "collar"

2.2 Flaccid paralysis of the upper extremities as a result of poliomyelitic form of tick encephalitis (in chronic form)

Method - applications to spinal area around the affected spinal segments and on extremities

2.3 poliomyelitis in children in the rehabilitation phase

Method - Applications in the lumbar region in affections of the lower limbs or in the cervical and thoracic spine area in affections of the upper extremities, and then on extremities.

2.4 inflammation of the spinal cord (after influenza, scarlet fever, measles)

Method - Applications in the area of the affected spinal segments.

2.5 polyradiculoneuritis

Method - Segmental Applications

2.6 Lumbosacral radiculitis

Method - Applications "pants"

2.7 ganglionitis and Solaritis (disease of the solar plexus)

Method - Applications in the area of infected nodes

2.8 Chronic phase after traumatic brain injury

Method - applications to "collar zone" and in the area of injury

2.9 Long-term (future) period after spinal cord and spinal root-affection (with formation of meningeal scar and zonal chronic changes)

Method - Applications in the spine area on the site of inflammation or segmental-reflex applications on the large area

2:10 traumas of peripheral nerves.

Method - segmental-reflex applications


3 Inflammatory diseases of women


3.1 Chronic inflammation of the uterus Annex

3.2 infertility

3.3 Habitual abortion (repeated miscarriage)

Method - Applications "pants"


4 Other diseases with secondary inflammation


4.1 Method - Applications in the area between shoulder blades

4.2 bronchial asthma

Method - Applications in the area between shoulder blades

4.3 Chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, chronic tonsillitis

Method - applications to the site of inflammation

4.4 bone trauma

Method - Applications in the area of injuryChronische Pneumonie



For warm and hot procedures:

Chronic cardiovascular insufficiency of II-III degree

Essential hypertension (high pressure disease) of III degree





cardiac asthma

Myocardial infarction in acute phase

Insult (stroke)

Exacerbation of chronic diseases


As part of the physiological investigations, the following experiment was conducted: Two groups of rats of the same sex, weight and age were anesthetized with the sleeping pills. Rats fell asleep not the same as the others were rejected. The animals from the first group has done the tails in the mud solution and animals of the control group - the normal water.

The rats in the first group slept on average 21 minutes and the rats in the control group - in 39 minutes. Thus it has been proven that the active ingredients penetrate into the body from the slurry through the skin and stimulating the function of the liver, resulting in the accelerated cleaning of the organism.