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Healing place at Sivash Lake - extraction point for Sivash healing clay
Treatment at Sivash Lake

On this page you will find information on the unique and the EU new healing clay SIVASH® and medical and personal care products based on these healing earth.


SIVASH® healing clay is an effective peloid (sea silt), which has in the highly concentrated, rich in algae and beta-carotene, pink brine of the Salt Lake Sivash formed.

Die The peloid is one of the oldest healing treatments. One of the best is Peloide SIVASH® healing clay of the Salt Lake Sivash in Crimea. This saline mud is left untreated, manually harvested from the lake and bottled for use. The healing clay is applied for the treatment of various diseases. Especially these are the chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and skin diseases. Natural help with many ailments
Thousands of people have already reached the alleviation of their diseases to the natural way, through the application of this marine silt. Particularly helpful is the unique seaweed mud at very widespread illnesses such as:

- Rheumatism
- Arthrosis
- Arthritis
- Gout
- Disc Prolapse
- Sciatica
- Ganglion
- Muscle Tension
- Psoriasis
- Eczema
- Acne

The Sivash® healing clay, spa care line and Natural Soap with 25% each Sivash® healing clay, Salt Soap (with 35% of the Crimean sea salt) and the natural, pink sea salt from the Crimea (Sivash® bath salt) - you can book online at Sivash-Webshop.